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Criminals are constantly using new methods to practice their trade and attempt to make money at the expense of others. The Internet has provided this criminal element with the means and methods in which to wreak havoc on an individual, corporation or small business. Our professional trainers have years of experience in the development and presentation of the issues concerning computer crimes. We can tailor training to meet your corporate needs. We have many courses that have been developed and are updated on a continual basis. The continuous updating ensures that the courses will withstand the rapid changing environment that is inherent in technological issues.

We routinely host a standard set of courses -- Contact us for our upcoming classes. Additionally, we are pleased to customize courses to meet your particular criteria -- we'll even hold the classes at the location that is most convenient for you.

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The professionals at Great Basin Data Recovery can recover data from almost all media types including Floppy Disks, Thumb drives, CDROM, Flash Memory, Note Book Hard Drives, and ATA/SATA Hard Drives. For businesses, Great Basin Data Recovery can also assist you by recovering data from your business servers, including RAID's.

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